I'm fascinated with the Idea of Monsters In whatever form they choose to appear In.
Because that's a rather personal thought, this Is my personal blog.
So.....yeah, this blog is about that.


When we first met I guess I barely noticed ya,

It took me time to see, I didn’t think that this would go so far,

I didn’t know that I would love you or that you’d leave me with scars,

I guess you opened my heart but then you left It ajar,

The mind Is just so hard to unwind,

Alright be kind rewind,

I feel you built me up just so you could rob me blind,

Now I have nothing, and It’s getting harder to find,

All I really want right now Is some peace of mind,

I’ll bide my time while our friends pick sides,

That’s fucked up right?

You took me for a ride when I got off I just felt sick Inside,

So I’ll try to move on while you try to hide,

But first I’ll pick up the pieces of my shattered pride,

These people who don’t know you, they treat you like you’re perfect,

Then they treat me like a villain and I don’t think I deserve It,

I’m thankful I no longer have to put up with this bullshit,

Took my pain to be In iambic pentameter for you to notice It,

The nature of love brings out the best and the worst of us,

Sometimes It’s hard to remember our hearts are liars and torturers,

So I suppose I could forgive you next to the malice of strangers,

But to forget all the pain would be unwittingly dangerous.

Every time I hear your name all I become Is reflective,

I realise now all my fear and pain was subjective,

The only part I regret was the misery collective,

Now I’ve learned that It pays off to be more Introspective.

I’ll describe how It feels to have a nervous breakdown,

So overloaded with emotion that your brain just shuts down,

The pain Is so Intense that you just fall to the ground,

This was unfortunately too overwhelming for this sad clown,

People just watch as you make mistake after mistake,

Trying mental reconstruction leaves destruction In your wake,

Good Intentions then destroy you If that’s all you wish to stake,

It’s just mental masturbation for your mind’s eye snake,

So who’s more to blame for this lack of compromise?

In this case the lines are so grey It’s hard to summarise,

I still remember when we both were all aflutter like butterflies,

I’ll just leave you alone and hope that It will suffice,

You let me walk away but I won’t walk away with nothing,

I’ll take away all that I’ve learned and then turn It Into something,

I know It’s hard to let go of the bull while It’s running,

But once you do you’ll find your life will be more rich and becoming.